As the skies hummed

Tears pittered,

from the puffy whites

A dance amidst another

From the heights

I saw

Hitting the leaves

lush and green,

the drops tippered

As I saw them hold-

Fingers enticing

Their warmth gripped

each other, as-

the rain dripped on-

A foggy rain,

and love, pristine.

The wet slowed pace,

as I saw them vanish

Into the dark,




As I enter its hollow,

I feel a certain ache

Slipping, overblown


The calm entices,

Tranquillising me


As my gaze

Shifts into the hollow

Approaches the void, vacant


The silence suffuses

Puts me in

A realm of thoughtlessness


A place dark, void,

Un-wilted yet


I find life, verity,

In the silence

More than the chaos


For the silence suffuses,

Puts me in

A realm of peace.

A Note

Snooze narrates the takeover sleep has on our emotions, pain and sorrow. Of how one experiences the most intense of such thoughts when falling asleep, but slips into the place of ultimate silence soon later. It emphasises on how sleep is a moment of pause in our lives, an essential one.



I don’t feel like staying apart

It slips my hand and retires me hollow

Into the depths of the darkness

As the cold grips my heart

Freezing it onto the shallows of darkness

Into the depths of the darkness

It makes me uncertain, restless

I see a fractured self

Awaiting someone to fix it

Giving me enough love to warm my heart

Into the depths of the darkness

I find myself wounded

Bleeding wounds of the distance

That once never was

For what once was

A gleaming ray of the bright

Into the depths of the darkness

I lay barren

For I can no more

Weather the light­­­